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7 Modules from 35+ Years of Clinical Experience

In this course, Dr. Kevin Conners walks you through the healing benefits of Rife technology.

At the end you will have a better understanding of what is considered "Rife" technology as well as other modalities to consider in your journey toward health and healing -- for you and your family! But most of all...you will have hope.

Dr. Kevin Conners

Follow along as Dr. Kevin Conners shares his wealth of knowledge on using frequency healing while caring for those with a cancer diagnosis and many other illnesses 35+ years.

Learn what testing he uses, which nutraceuticals he recommends, and what therapies are best to help your body move back towards health and healing.

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stop-fighting-cancer-third-edition-conners-clinic-book-download-1In this Brand New 3rd Edition Dr. Kevin Conners adds almost DOUBLE the content with all new insights and practical tips on how to understand your body’s ability to heal and get back to a state of health.

“Cancer is a scary thing. I’m here to remove the confusion and give you guidance. Cancer patients are rarely told that adding natural, alternative therapies to their care can greatly mitigate their adverse rea ctions, improve the quality of their life, and give them their life back!” – Dr Kevin Conners