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Stop Fighting Cancer

Ever-expanding library of resources for those struggling with cancer.


The 7 Phases of Detoxification

Understand what is vital for a safe, successful detoxification.


The 3 Phases of Lyme Disease

What most doctors don't know about Lyme's most destructive phase.


Chronic Disease & Autoimmune

Helping you understand and address chronic illness and autoimmune diseases.


Read Your Genes

Learn how to read your genes to help you move toward health and healing.


Frequency Healing

A Breakdown of Rife Technology + other frequency modalities and applications.

Get "Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause" FREE!

stop-fighting-cancer-third-edition-conners-clinic-book-download-1In this Brand New 3rd Edition Dr. Kevin Conners adds almost DOUBLE the content with all new insights and practical tips on how to understand your body’s ability to heal and get back to a state of health.

“Cancer is a scary thing. I’m here to remove the confusion and give you guidance. Cancer patients are rarely told that adding natural, alternative therapies to their care can greatly mitigate their adverse rea ctions, improve the quality of their life, and give them their life back!” – Dr Kevin Conners